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Siding Repair in Memphis, Tennessee

Siding is there for you to protect you against the harshest conditions. It will audaciously resist wind, hail, precipitation, cold temperatures, and time, mostly unscathed, but at other times, not.

We are not saying that vinyl siding won’t do what was promised, but sometimes, damage can occur. When that is the case, it could lead to cold temperatures kicking in (as it loses insulation capabilities), unsightly looks, and even water damage. As long as your vinyl siding has problems, you lose valuable protection and appeal.

Siding repair can restore it, and with the quality services and affordable prices at Hernandez Vinyl Siding, you won’t have to think twice. Learn more about our solutions below!

Is Siding Repair Necessary?


Siding repair is the ultimate route if you want the best outcome. Still, it also poses two alternatives to tackle simple to more complex damage. 

Sometimes, minor siding repairs will do. Other times, siding replacement is required. To give you an idea, we list the common scenarios where you would need one or the other:

 Siding Repair:


  • Dents
  • Cracks
  • Fading or missing paint
  • Slight panel separation
  • Small rotting

Siding Replacement:


  • Mold infestation
  • Terminate and pests infestation
  • Moisture damage
  • A lot of missing panels
  • Swelling
  • Poor installation

Hernandez Vinyl Siding can help you with every repair, siding replacement in Memphis, and new window installation. You can find everything you need in a single place, and the best one as well.

A Solid Solution For Optimum Results

Opting for professional siding repair in Memphis, Tennessee, by Hernandez Vinyl Siding won’t disappoint. If there’s something we know for sure is how to protect your property and our clients truly. We do that through top-quality and warranted products and services.

Let us take care of your siding at the best prices. In case of an emergency, we have financing options available you can apply to, along with 10% veteran discounts. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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